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Mensen is the Dutch word for “humans”—and that’s our focus. We believe that putting people back in the center of the design process is the only way to stay a step ahead in this rapidly-evolving industry. Our home base near Amsterdam gives us a unique perspective on technology, tradition and mobility that allows us to see things differently.

We’re car designers at the core, with deep experience in automotive and user experience design, research, and strategy. This drives our passion to help bridge the gap between new automotive technology and the people who will use them. From end-to-end mobility experiences to in-car HMI, Mensen can help both manufacturers developing vehicles and experiences for the next generation of the automobile, or tech companies seeking a foothold in the ever-expanding automotive landscape.

We offer design research, strategy, and consulting for future automotive tech, HMI/user experience, new usership models like car-sharing and ride hailing, and autonomous cars.

Contact us and let’s see how Mensen can help explore the human side of your designs.


We can help brands create lasting relationships with customers in the fast-changing mobility space

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What we do

Understanding new technology and customer expectations to help create better designs.

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Autonomous Vehicles

We think that autonomous vehicles will change the world, but that it’s important to build trust and understand the best way to get there. We’ve worked on both the research and strategy sides of the autonomous equation and think that there are still many opportunities to explore.

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Infotainment and in-car HMI (human-machine interaction) have become a prime differentiator in the automotive marketplace, even outside the premium segment. We can help sync your brand, user demands, and technological requirements for maximum impact and user satisfaction.

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Brand Experience

New usership and ownership models are expanding the potential reach of traditional automotive brands far beyond the car. We help research and design end-to-end service offerings that can elevate a brand and solidify their role in the new sharing environment.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles bring new typological and experiential opportunities that we can help companies better understand and explore. We have years of experience working with product-planning and design teams to capitalise on the rapidly changing market segments and consumer expectations.

HMI is more than just graphics on a screen, it's the final connection between car and user

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