We help research, design and develop the next generation of automotive and consumer products and experiences

Mensen is the Dutch word for “humans”—and that’s our focus. We believe that putting people back in the center of the design process is the only way to stay a step ahead in this rapidly-evolving industry. Our home base near Amsterdam gives us a unique perspective on technology, tradition and mobility that allows us to see things differently.

We’re car designers at the core, with deep experience in automotive and user experience design, research, and strategy. This drives our passion to help bridge the gap between new automotive technology and the people who will use them. From end-to-end mobility experiences to in-car HMI, Mensen can help both manufacturers developing vehicles and experiences for the next generation of the automobile, or tech companies seeking a foothold in the ever-expanding automotive landscape.

We offer design research, strategy, and consulting for future automotive tech, HMI/user experience, new usership models like car-sharing and ride hailing, and autonomous cars.

Contact us and let’s see how Mensen can help explore the human side of your designs.


We can help brands create lasting relationships with customers in the fast-changing mobility space

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We listen to customers’ needs in order to make your brand resonate better.

For cars, consumer electronics, apps, or services, we make user experiences that work for the way people use them.

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User Research

Knowing your customer is the best way to design for them. We use ethnographic interviews, surveys, workshops, and other techniques to help our clients understand customer priorities, motivations and expectations. 

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Trend Reporting

Part of good decision making is understanding where the market, consumer tastes and competition are headed. We create trend reports from all the major auto and consumer electronics shows, and can also create bespoke reports or competitive analysis on request.

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Service Design

Automotive User Experience is no longer confined to the car itself. Using scenarios, touchpoint maps and user testing, we can help you define and design an end-to-end brand experience—from website to dealership sales floor—that will connect with customers. 

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Interface Design

Whether it's sketches, prototypes or functional specifications, our designers and wide network of professionals allows us to help create the next level when your design team doesn't have the bandwidth to it internally. 

HMI is more than just graphics on a screen, it's the final connection between car and user

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New perspectives